Improve living and working conditions in countries
The league of nations was divided into different sections, so that they would be able to handle almost every situation which could lead to violence or even war. The section in charge of improving working conditions was called the international labour organization. The international labour organization was successful in banning the use of poisonous white lead form paint and in limiting the hours that small children were allowed to work. It also worked hard to try and improve the working conditions in general. It introduced a resolution for a maximum 48 hours week and an eight hour day, but only a few members accepted it because they thought that it would increase industrial costs.
Child laborers in a factory

Although the league did not have a seperate section to improve living conditions around the world it did help a lot of refugees and former war prisenars get back to their homeland. The section of the league that was in charge of helping refugees and former war prisoners was called the refugee committee. They rescued 400,000 prisoners in the time in which they were functional. In 1922 Turkey, the refugee committee faced a major challenge. In the refugee camps in Turkey most refugees were homeless. This is why Diseases started to appear, such as: small pox, cholera and dysentery. However the refugee committee acted quickly and controlled the outbreaks and eventually eliminated the diseases within the camps.


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child laborers in a factory

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